Tuesday, 22 April 2014

#AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party Week 16

some Easter weekend fooling around - and this is before the chocolate!

There's nothing like a lovely long weekend, is there?  Hopefully all the Easter eggs have been found (and none forgotten, hidden under a cushion on the sofa perhaps?), and we are ALL on strict chocolate rationing!  We are still in holiday mode, having left the big Smoke last Wednesday, and enjoying the last few days of fresh country air and wonderful together time, visiting friends, or playing in the garden and busting out some yoga moves with the kids (wrote about this in the previous post, so much fun, doing something that is MY thing with them too).

It's #AllAboutYou time again, and I was pretty pleased with myself to have read, tweeted and pinned ALL the posts from last week before the Easter weekend got started.  As ever, every post where we spot our badge or link gets added to our group pinterest board (links below), and also tweeted out.  Just to mention that I do try really hard to find everyone on twitter, but it's not always straightforward, given the weird and wonderful monikers at times!

Huge thank you to Angie of from Reasons to Dress who was my co-host last week while Luci of Mother.Wife.Me unplugged for a week.

#AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party Mama and More

Without further ado, in the words of my 5yo, it's time to get this party started! This linky is All About YOU - so show off your style, your recipes, your projects; tell us what you're thinking, planning, plotting.... this space is all yours!    Please please do visit other linkers and comment on a few posts, using the #AllAboutYou hashtag.

My featured posts from last week are:

The Meerkat Mom post over at Wry Mummy made me laugh out loud - Tiger and a Meerkat in all of us!

Over at Lisa's Life, her post What Would You Say to Your Younger Self moved me, and I guess hindsight is a wonderful thing, and we would all like to send a message to our younger selves, but then, we wouldn't be who we are today.  Some experiences I could have done without though.

I have to throw in a mention for this post from Karina at Cool Bananas on going to BritMumsLive 2014, just because it was bloody funny!  I haven't done one of these posts myself - I am clearly not cool enough! - but actually am going to BritMums this year - are you?

Time to get linking and pinning!
Link up a post you’ve written about your opinions, passions, style, something you’ve accomplished or are working on; we’d love you to share it and cheer each other on!  You can link up to 3 posts to the party, and we pin every one to the #AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party Pinterest Board.  If you'd like to feature our badge in your post, feel free to grab the badge here below.

#AllAboutYou Link & Pin Party Mama and More

3 simple rules -

1. Please link posts specific to the All About YOU theme of this party - we truly want to encourage everyone to take or think about me-time, and this is your space to link up posts all about how you spend it, whether it's style, fitness, food, concerts or sky-diving!

2. Please link the URL of your specific AllAboutYou post, and please feature the badge or mention the linky, because it's a nice thing to do ; )  We tweet out every linked post that does!

3. Please comment on at least two other posts within the AllAboutYou link party - don't just link-dump!

Feel free to tweet or share about the link party so that more people come along and join too, although this is by no means obligatory!

In short, you link and we'll pin it.  But the community bit is up to all of us - so do spread some comment love!

All About You community links:

Thanks for linking up!


  1. Zaz, I learned so much helping you host this link up!! I've learned that commenting and tweeting is a LOT of work and time and energy. And to help other promote their posts, I didn't have time to reply to the comments on my own blog or write. I've also learned that some people return the effort and other just do not. So from now on with whatever linkup I participate in, I'll be sure to give a shout out to the organizers! Let me know if you need help again, I was a very rewarding opportunity and I will be making a bigger effort to read much more of the #AllAboutYou posts!

  2. I'm blushing! Did you just call me cool?! Aww, shucks. Thanks for the mention lovely, I'm pleased to be the bringer of smiles! xx

  3. Happy Easter ZZ.....that was indeed a lovely weekend for you & the fam!!!


  4. What a great picture to depict joy.



  5. Great picture, this is how I felt after doing London marathon, only I was to tired to jump,ha :) thanks for hosting...

  6. Gorgeous picture-so much joy, love it x

  7. Firstly, I keep hoping and praying that I find a forgotten egg somewhere around the house…hasn't happened yet! Secondly, I'll be at Britmums live this year so I do hope we get to meet. It's my first one, so I'm feeling really excited but also really nervous about it all :) xx


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