Friday, 8 November 2013

One of those days

I don't often use this space for ranting, but today was a real stinker of a day.  It started going bad at precisely half an hour into it, that is to say, half past midnight when Missy G shuffled into our bedroom and I discovered that she had a raging fever, which a visit to the doctor later that morning was revealed to be tonsillitis.

Given that I am due to fly to Los Angeles on Saturday morning, leaving the children with their grandparents for the weekend, this is crappy timing of the worst order.  My suitcase is almost packed, but yes, I can definitely squeeze some more worry and guilt in there too, as if that wasn't lingering anyway.

My mother-in-law however promptly changed her plans, and took a train back up to London from the countryside this evening to stay at our house for the weekend with the children and to look after my poorly girl while I slink off in the morning.  I was already feeling my gut wrench at the thought of missing them, but at the same time, I neeeeeed this break.

Having settled Missy on the couch in front of The Muppets (which is apparently very scary to an almost 5-year old), after much tears over the yuckiness of the antibiotics, I discover that I've missed my hair appointment, and also completely forgot to check in online.  Marvellous.  Will now arrive at the city of angels, looking like a frizz ball, and probably squeezed in between Hefty Sid, and Smelly Gertrude.  Or something.

Thankfully my hairdresser said he could fit me in an hour later, so after putting the children to sleep and leaving them with the carer, I zoomed off.  Of course, the day being what it is, I put my coins into the parking meter which promptly guzzled them, and if it could have farted at me, it probably would.  In any event, there was no ticket, so I had to schlep off to find another machine to donate my cash to.  45 minutes later, with the best blowdry ever (Adam, Hair Dezigns, Holland Park, he is amazing, and not pricey given the area), I walk out just in time for the heavens to open - literally rain, thunder, lightening... and of course, no brolly.  I sprinted to the car with a magazine on my head.  Brilliant.  It's only 3pm, what else could happen today.

Well, as it happens.... as I parked outside our house, my phone rang, and I had the news that the job I was supposed to be having a second interview for, that was looking so promising, that I was too excited about, had vanished.  They no longer need someone for the time-being, sorry for wasting my time, yadda yadda yadda.  And the rain continued to pour down.

Today was also the last day to send in food for the Food Bank at school, as well as the textiles collection, in aid of the PTA fund raising.  As any parent with a school age child knows, you do not piss off the PTA.  I ran to the house through the rain, and discovered that my friend had sweetly couriered over two massive boxes of clothes for us to donate - I just had to transfer them into black bags.  I swear I have no idea how she even has anything left in her wardrobe, there was so much stuff!  Missy G pulled out a stunning floor-length red chiffon gown and suggested that "this could be for the poor people's mummies".  Not quite sure that this is what the poor had in mind!  However, we ended up with all of our contributions taking up 6 bin liners, which I hefted into the car, and sped off to deliver before 4pm.  Naturally, toting massive heavy bin bags means that you can't hold a brolly too.  I like my hairdresser, I really do, but this was just feeling like I had donated my blow-dry as it was being drizzled on through my hoodie!

After the drop off, I did a quick shop in Tesco's, pouring out my woes to Mr.G, who chuckled and told me it was 30' there and he was off to have a lobster salad.  He also said that of course things could be a lot worse - no broken bones, no serious disasters - but of course, it is the cumulation of little and medium sized things (like losing out on a job, as well as being rained on), that make you feel like the world is against you all of a sudden.  Like when I finished my shop and went to push my trolley into the lift to go to the car park, and the little girl with her dad just grinned at me and waved as she pressed >><< to close the doors on me.  Sigh.

At least the last few hours were lovely.  My last evening for a week with my babies.  I had gorgeous snuggles and kisses, and in fact, my girl is up in my bed snoring her head off right now, generously waiting to share her lergy with me.  She had to sleep in my bed, as the noise of the fireworks distracted her from the business of going to sleep, so she wanted to go to our floor and watch the action from up high.  At least she won't be far if she wakes up for me to look after my girl, and I can perhaps sneak in a cuddle too.

Tomorrow IS going to be better!  The antibiotics are already working their magic; my hair doesn't look too terrible; so far at least Mini-G is still on top form; and my bags really are all packed and ready to go.  I've even got an aisle seat!


  1. Oh, what a day! But I love how you set the intention for the next day to be fabulous - I find that's the perfect way to get on a roll of good stuff! Have a great time!! Kelly

    1. Thanks hon! Can you believe the next day brought an 11 hour flight with no movies when the whole entertainment system crashed!!! Argh! Thankfully, I had my gazillion beauty products and magazines and books (from my travel essentials post) to keep me amused!

  2. Well, that was quite a day. When my little ones are sick, it feels like the whole house stops...I hope that things got better!


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