Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Skin Stories - Every body has a story to tell

I was recently approached by BioOil, which really needs little introduction, as it is the go-to product for anyone wanting to lessen the appearances of stretchmarks or scars.  A few people have also told me that it's also a secret beauty product for tired skin, used once a week on parched skin.
I've been asked to be a Skin Story Ambassador, and Skin Stories is a campaign to celebrate how every scar and stretchmark tells a story - be it the birth of a child, or during treachorous childhood japes.  The campaign raises money for the British Skin Foundation, and this year benificiaries include the Iolanthe Midwifery Trust, and Look Good Feel Better, a wonderful cancer charity I've written about before.
A friend has shared her skin story here below - we all have scars and marks, and if we talk about and share our stories, hopefully we can be a little less embarassed or self-conscious about them.  They all tell a story...
I have always envied other women whose legs are blemish free. My own legs bear witness to my boisterous history, attempting to join in with the boys playing football at breaktime in my primary school days, my zealous athletics training in my early teens.
The worst scar was on my left shin. I had decided during PE that I would try and emulate some of the gymnastic skills I had seen on tv. Problem was, I had no gymnastic skill at all.
After wildly swinging about on the high bar, I took a tumble and scraped my left shin on a bench I had used to launch myself up onto the bar in the first place.
It hurt. A whole lot.
For years, I would look down with disgust at my shin. I then discovered Bio Oil and knew of its reputation among pregnant women aiming to lessen the appearance of their stretch marks. I thought I had nothing to lose in giving it a go.
Today I am overjoyed with the results. My scar is still there, but I would have to draw your attention to it for it to be seen, such is the extent to which it has reduced.
I will never be that blemish free woman, but I can now look at my legs without revulsion and even laugh when I recall my "super girl" moment that went so embarrassingly wrong at school.
On a personal note, I could tell many stories about scars. 

The stretchmarks when my body rounded out so quickly in adolescence, and led to an eating disorder and my trying to cover up for years, until I rebelled against my own self and defiantly revealed all.  The scar under my chin, when I didn't listen to my mother and wore my friend's skirt that was far too big while I was skipping rope, and ended up smashing my chin open on a concrete floor.  I thrashed around so wildly that after the doctor, the nurse, the receptionist AND my mother had held me down for the stitches, there was no way it was ever going to be a neat job.  When I had my daughter, after a rather long 36 hour labour, I had an emergency C-section.  When my sister saw my scar, she casually commented about what a neat job it was (she is a doctor).  All I could do was burst into tears.  Every time I looked at the scar, or touched it, it was a reminder that I'd failed.  Failed to have that all-important natural birth.  It took a very long time, but finally I came to accept my birth story, and I'm actually pretty proud of me.  It's where that new little life rose out of me when I literally thought I was going to die.  That may sound melodramatic, but at the time that is really what it felt like.  When I see those scars and marks, I now give a wry smile. It's part of our story, of growing up, of learning lessons, of the moment we became a family, and part of my beautiful girl's story.
If you feel like sharing your skin stories, please tweet me your post links @mama_andmore, and I will RT, and please also tweet @BioOilUK and use #myskinstory.  You can check out the Bio Oil Skin Stories campaign here too


  1. First let me congratulate you on becoming a skin story ambassador,

    Very interesting post as It's very true everybody does have a skin story, I myself have sensitive skin & it can be annoying trying to find the right products.

    Going back to your post regarding stretch marks I have severe ones on tops of my legs, which I believe are there as I'm tall.

    I'm male btw and in my 20's so must give this a try

    Thank you


    1. Thanks for popping by Tom... how funny, I have stretch marks at the top of my legs too, and I'm 5'1". I guess if you're destined to have them you just are!


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