Friday, 1 August 2014

Family Sightseeing in London - Guest Post

No trip to London is complete without going to see at least a few of the iconic tourist attractions London has to offer.  These days most attractions are family-friendly but to get the most from your break in London with children, head for the places that’ll really get them excited – that way you’re all guaranteed to have a great time without anyone moaning that they’re bored!  Here are just three great picks:

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

All About You Link & Pin Party - Week 30

Right now, I should be ankle deep in slightly slushy sand, the receding tide leaving pools of cool water in the ridges of the sand, revealing the little holes that I shall be crouching over with my tools for clam-digging on holiday - one of my favourite pass-times, especially when those little guys get transformed into spaghetti alle vongole for our dinner!

Yep, Mama and co are on holiday; this is a pic of the beach we will be mainly on (post-clam-digging!) and Hannah from MumsDays is still kindly guest-hosting All About You while I am going low-tech.

So what are you waiting for?  You can grab the new badge in the post below, and still link up here with me or with Hannah.
It's time for All About You!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Capturing Memories - special photography offer for Mama and More readers!

As I sit typing away, occasionally glancing at my phone's Instagram feed, it often hits home how much I adore looking at pictures of the family, old holiday snaps, a beautiful view, yoga pictures etc.  What also makes my heart lurch is the fact that the vast majority of these visual memories are stored in some "cloud" somewhere, or in a device, compressed into tiny files, that could at any moment just disappear into the ether.  It's enough to make me feel quite sick.

Every year for Christmas, it has become a bit of a tradition that we give each other canvasses or prints of pictures that really capture special moments of the year.  Occasionally, we've even done the studio thing, and here it is so important to choose someone who not only takes beautiful pictures, but can capture you and your family and put you at ease.  Posed pictures are often so awkward, unless you're Cara Delevigne of course!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

All About You Link & Pin Party - Week 29

Look! A brand new badge!

Friends, I have a confession - I am truly rubbish at anything vaguely techy.  In fact, at almost any office that I have ever worked at, I have had IT support on speed dial, and if they didn't hear from me in a week, they would call to check up on me.  Why am I telling you this - because I have FINALLY changed the All About You button, which sadly hasn't been working due to a weird internet glitch.

So here it is, the brand sparkly new All About You button!  Grab code is below within the post, so read on to pick it up, to hear about the changes to the linky... 
and let's get on with All About YOU!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Holiday packing - maximum outfits with minimal packing!

Since running the All About You link & pin party that started up in January this year and runs every Tuesday, I've discovered so many wonderful new blogs, and amongst them have really been enjoying a project called The Closet Project by Sarah of Everyday Bijoux.  In it she picks a few select pieces each week to create as many outfits as possible, and given that I think that makes Sarah arguably the world's best holiday suitcase packer, I have invited her to share some tips on packing for your holidays (while leaving enough room to bring back those all-important souvenirs and boutique finds!).    Over to you, Sarah!

First off, a massive thank you to Zaz for letting me guest post here today! What a treat! Reading Mama - and More! takes me back to my days living and working in the UK after university. These days I live in New Mexico in the southwestern United States, where I blog at Everyday Bijoux and feature a series called The Closet Project in which I challenge myself to dress creatively with a minimal wardrobe.

As part of this challenge I restrict each week's outfits to what I can create from a weekly selection of just 7-10 items of clothing.  I've learnt quite a bit about creating many outfits from just a few items, and it's revolutionized my travel packing!  Below are my favourite ideas and tips for getting the most from my wardrobe - and how to keep my vacation packing to a minimum.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Classic Summer Style - Navy & White

Maybe it's being a displaced "island girl", but I love love love wearing brights, whether it's for summer like here for work, or one of my favourite bright skirts here to just hang out with the kids, or top to toe on colder days like here, I often gravitate towards wearing bright colours to lift my spirits.

Having said this, neutrals also have a timeless appeal.  I wrote last year (on my rather short-lived alternate blog - no time to keep it going sadly!) about wearing black in summer, and it's still one of my favourite posts about why people should wear black to keep themselves cool, as well as looking so effortless.  One of my all time favourite - in fact my first - style idols models a lovely black dress in this post here.

With tropical London enjoying a wonderful summer heatwave right now, my spirits are lifted aplenty, and the other day my sister visiting with me pointed out that I was looking quite classic (for me!).

Monday, 14 July 2014

All About You Link & Pin Party - Week 28

(original source, yogamamazee)

Even despite a truly horrendous summer cold last week, on my own with two kids while my husband was away on business last week, I just couldn't keep away from doing my yoga practice every day.  Thank you so much for all the lovely wishes!

Doing yoga feels restorative, and for the moments while practicing, somehow my body put a halt on the runny nose, the coughing, and I challenge you to try to think about a headache while balancing on your hands, knees on your elbows!

This is what I love most about yoga - the ability to stop everything whirring around the mind, to still it all, to breathe and to take time, real time for me, while exploring what the body can do.  As a few people have asked on twitter and on Instagram, I thought that I would share a little piece of my daily practice with you - a Sun Salutation.  

Welcome back to the All About YOU Link & Pin Party!