Monday, 18 August 2014

All About You Link & Pin Party

You know the glass-half-full-or-half-empty metaphor?  I think that when you think the world is full of possibilities and are positive, you continue to effect positivity in your life.  If I repeatedly tell myself that I can't do something, then I'm just reminding my brain that it can't.  If I dress every day like I've given up, then I feel like I have, and that turns into my story.  If I remind myself of my successes every day, rather than what I didn't tick off my list, then I repeatedly am making my successes my priority, not my failings.

It's All About You time again, and thanks so much to everyone of you who joined in last week, including a few newbies!
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Holiday Bliss - Beautiful Brittany

While the hordes descend on the Med, with traffic jams lining the coast of the beautifully manicured south of France coastline, we tend to escape to the dramatic rugged beauty of the northern Brittany coast instead.  The weather can be a little capricious - and by that I mean that it tends to be the same as its neighbour across the Channel - the infamous British summer!  I've been there when it's been daily drizzle, and was married in Brittany when it was the hottest week on record... until this year!  We've just returned from the most perfect 3 weeks, with blazing sun every day bar just 1 for the whole time.  It was so hot that I had to sacrifice a pair of jeans to chop them into cutoffs, as pessimist that I am I only took one pair of shorts with me!

So what did we do?

Day to night for high summer - the wonders of a playsuit

There are times in your life when you think, "I just can't wear that kind of thing", and then you try it on, and boom! You fall in love.  Like with a gold skirt, or with a playsuit.  Playsuit, jumpsuit, all-in-one, call it what you like, but honestly, what's not to love?  I got over my apprehension of all-in-ones a while ago, throwing away the misconception that they are only for gals with legs that go on for miles.  Oh no siree.

Monday, 11 August 2014

All About You Link Party - Week 32

I found the perfect quote for today....

We're back home, and I had to pack up my yoga mat and run inside today as the heavens opened with the tail end of Hurrican Bertha hitting the UK yesterday and today.  I spotted this and decided it was perfect for All About YOU, whether you take it as weather related or not! ; )

I am remembering the rainbows of the holidays - the times we had as a family, the meals we shared, the laughter, the squeals of delight from the children running free on the beach, savouring the space and fresh air and heat.  I am holding on to those holiday feelings, counting the rainbows, refusing to get the holiday blues.  The last suitcases is still yawning, waiting to be unpacked, but then I'll feel like it really is all over... how do you get over the end of the holidays?

It's All About You time again, and I am SO grateful to Hannah from MumsDays who took care of things while I was gone.  Hannah, you are a total gem!

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

All About You Link & Pin Party - Week 31

our holiday dinners à deux

The holidays are almost over, we are counting down the days - the last march√© where we've been buying delicious fresh produce, as well as suitably stinky cheeses and still-wriggling sea-food; the last beach visits; the last beautiful sunsets over the sea that we'll get to see for a while; the last lunches and dinners eaten outside in the sunshine, drinking in the sea air - we are savouring every last moment.  It has been an incredible 3 weeks, with only the occasional bit of plugging back in.

Tuesday is still All About You time, and Hannah from MumsDays has been holding the fort and commenting on all the posts wherever she sees our badge and/or text link.  Do grab the new badge in the post below, and come on and link up your All About You posts here with me, or with Hannah.

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Family Sightseeing in London - Guest Post

No trip to London is complete without going to see at least a few of the iconic tourist attractions London has to offer.  These days most attractions are family-friendly but to get the most from your break in London with children, head for the places that’ll really get them excited – that way you’re all guaranteed to have a great time without anyone moaning that they’re bored!  Here are just three great picks:

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

All About You Link & Pin Party - Week 30

Right now, I should be ankle deep in slightly slushy sand, the receding tide leaving pools of cool water in the ridges of the sand, revealing the little holes that I shall be crouching over with my tools for clam-digging on holiday - one of my favourite pass-times, especially when those little guys get transformed into spaghetti alle vongole for our dinner!

Yep, Mama and co are on holiday; this is a pic of the beach we will be mainly on (post-clam-digging!) and Hannah from MumsDays is still kindly guest-hosting All About You while I am going low-tech.

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