Thursday, 16 October 2014

Weekly Yoga Series - YogaMamaZee What You Need to Yoga

Friday at last, and with it the third in my new weekly yoga series!  I am so excited about this series, as along with style, yoga is one of my greatest passions.  Last week's topic was about Getting Started in Yoga, and it was a pretty, ahem, comprehensive post!

This week I wanted to talk about what you need to yoga - apart from just YOU.

Sounds simple enough, as yoga is something you can practice pretty much anywhere you have a little bit of space - at least enough to lay a large towel on the floor.  So, having practiced yoga for almost 15 years, what would I recommend as the key things you need?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Delicious sugar cake - A Trinidadian sweet treat

Sugar cake is a sweet treat from Trinidad where I hail from, and for some reason just as you wouldn't say "I'd like one double" (it's always "I want a doubles") when you ask for the delicious savoury snack I always yearn for, you also don't say "I'd like some sugar cakes", they're always in the singular. That's Trini grammar for you!

They are super easy to make and a yummy treat - personally I restrict my kids to one each as they are so full of sugar, but also think they would be delicious to serve at the end of a dinner party with coffee.

Monday, 13 October 2014

All About You Link Party

oh yes, exercise in your heels, why not?!

After last week's All About You, I have to say I stuck to my word and danced till my feet were burning this weekend!  Yes, it was my 40th birthday, and I have to say that Mr.G could be in MI5, he has been so super sneaky!  When we talked about my birthday earlier in the year, I said all I really wanted to do was to dance, and left the rest in his more than capable hands.  Suffice it to say that he was uber organised, while somehow 10 minutes before leaving the house on Saturday night, I was still agonising over shoe choices!

It's time for the All About You Link Party!
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It's my birthday! Time for my new year's resolutions

mulling over turning 40 over a cup of hot water (to ward off the hangover), after dancing until 3 in the morning with most of my dearests at a surprise night out on Saturday organised by my amazing husband!  
(I wore Versace for H&M - because if you can't wear a silver chain-mail dress on your 40th birthday, when can you???)

A year ago I happened to be in conversation with a rather sophisticated ex-colleague, who remarked that in Paris and in Moscow where she had lived for a time, a woman would never revel in or reveal
that she was turning 40.  Quelle idée!  Imagine people knowing your true age, she sniffed.  Well, here I am, turning 40 today.  40, and one of the things I've learnt in these 40 years is that I am utterly incapable of being that insouciant, mysterious, aloof type who keeps things like birthdays to herself.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Weekly Yoga Series - YogaMamaZee Getting started with yoga

I launched my new weekly yoga series on the blog last week, and was bowled over by the response in the comments and on Twitter.

I plan to focus on different topics related to yoga over the coming weeks, and this week I am starting off this week with with, well, how to start off with yoga.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

All About You Link Party

I think a little booty-shake on a regular basis is a good thing, and it really doesn't matter one iota whether you're good at it or not.  As soon as you are able to forget about anyone around you, and just focus on how you feel when a rhythm gets under your skin, when your body starts to move, when those happy-making Endorphin hormones are released into your bloodstream, it's all good stuff.  And as for the last part - a little bit of misbehaviour; I'm talking a cheeky shimmy or such, not suggesting going home with some random!  These are the things that memories that make you blush are made of.  In a good way.  Those memories are ones that you'll smile secretly to yourself every now and then.

So turn the music on, dance around the living room and bust out your best and baddest moves.  Heck, you could be wearing your nightie or your most gorgeous gown.  Dance alone, with your kids or with a crowd.  But like they say, dance like no-one's watching.  This dance is for you.

It's time for the All About You Link Party!
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BritMums Blog Carnival to celebrate the new term and change

(image source flickr)

A while ago I signed up to host the BritMums Blog Carnival, which still makes me smile, as I come from Trinidad and Tobago which has one of the biggest carnivals in the world, so when I think of carnivals, this is usually the first thing that pops into my mind!

A blog carnival is when the host invites and collects recent posts, often along a theme.  My theme for September is "New Term" and "Change", because September for me always brings that feeling of "back-to-school", even before I had a child of school age.  It heralds newness, the end of summer inevitably drawing nearer, a new season dawning.  I've started new jobs in September, gotten married in September, yes, it's definitely about new beginnings for me.