Tuesday, 16 September 2014

All About You Link & Pin Party

Some days you just have to remind yourself that even if you don't often think it - YOU are awesome!  We give ourselves a hard time so often, even without realising it.  Look at your things to do list at the end of the day, and think about how it makes you feel.  Generally the answer is that you feel deflated by the things left unticked, which then flow into the next day, and overwhelm you.  How often do you write down all the things you DID do?  Dammit, you're awesome!

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Monday, 15 September 2014

Chambray and Khaki - what I'm wearing

I just can't quite get a handle on this weather.  I don't know if I should be thrilled that on some days we hit the heady highs of 22'C, or be grumpy about the fact that the day starts with 13"C, so I just can't seem to dress right!  I end up either freezing in the morning, or sweltering by lunchtime, and carrying around various layers.  And under no circumstances do I want to end up with a 3-month hacking cough as has happened for the last 2 years!

Today it felt like I finally got it right.  This jacket is lightweight, but enough to keep the morning chill off.  Jacket (similar by Zara here), Khaki zip pocket jeans Top Shop (similar from MisGuided here), Chambray top Zara Woman (similar by J.Crew here), shoes Dune (similar here)

Let's talk!

I read a post from my lovely friend Kate over at Pouting in Heels about the telephone - she does not like it, no not one bit.  I however do.  Actually, I love it, but our relationship has changed.

Firstly, I'm a talker, like another good pal, Vicki at Honest Mummy who also loves a good natter on the blower.  I've always been a chatterbox (my sister-in-law will be so pleased that I am admitting this, although she is hot on my heels!) and it is only karma now that my daughter barely lets me get a word in edgewise.  

Being on the telephone brings back warm fuzzy memories and a sense of nostalgia.  It reminds me of curling up for a laugh, the occasional gossip  and long drawn out conversations with my best friends at school every night - somehow, we still had all this urgent stuff we just had to say despite seeing each other on a daily basis.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

All About You Link & Pin Party

Yay, it's All About You time - I mentioned in the linkup last week that there were some new changes happening in this Mama's world, and posted about them here if you didn't catch it.  I'm pretty excited to say the least, so made up this image above with those changes in mind!

I have a little story to share with you - when I was 19 my grandfather came to live with us after our grandmother passed away in Trinidad.  He was pretty wobbly at times physically, although mentally as sharp as he had always been.  My mother was dashing back from work half an hour away a few times a day to check on him at home, and I seriously considered postponing university for a few years to be able to give my support and be there for my family, until a close family friend told me, "your grandfather has had his time to be young, now it's yours, and it will never come again.  He would not want you to delay your life for his".  And he was right.  He didn't.  It's your life, so if plan A isn't working out, there are at least another two dozen if not more to choose from.  We only get this one shot!

Onto you my lovelies!

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

The balance of trust and safety

It's not enough that as parents we worry about our children from the moment we discover we're pregnant, but we also worry and second-guess whether we are striking a balance between keeping our cubs safe and being over-protective and curbing their independence.  I don't often write posts like this, so bear with me.

Last week I boarded a bus with my daughter and she wanted to sit at the back. There were two seats free beside a man with two children next to him chatting.  Missy G sat opposite me, and after a few minutes I noticed her shyly glancing at the gentleman, and then she winked.  At him.  I know my daughter and although he immediately shook his head at her and told her that she shouldn't wink at men, I knew instantly that she wasn't winking at him, she was winking back.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

What I'm Wearing - summer favourites, flowy prints

Just when it felt like autumn was definitely in the air, it looks like we are about to get a bonus couple of weeks of the tail-end of summer!  Yay!  So before I pack away my floaty summery numbers, I thought I'd break out some favourites.

Monday, 1 September 2014

All About You Link and Pin Party

I have a confession - I've been a "bad blogger", rarely posting over the last couple of weeks.  I've unplugged, and actually, it's been good.  Really good.  I don't know that I have slowed down, but with the children on holidays, my mindset has been in a different place.  But something has caught up with me over that time and jolted me into action of another sort.... and I think it's something pretty amazing!

Happy New Month - it's All About You time again, does the start of a fresh new "term" and the end of summer make you feel like taking new actions?

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